Item :


Type :

Unisex woven

Material :

Handwoven & hand dyed silk

Composition :

Silk 100%

Ex-works :

Ivory 100 € / Other colors 130 €

Suggested retail price :

Ivory 270 € / Other colors 351 €

Country of origin :

Made in India

Size :

100 x 100 cm


142 Ivory

223 Lac pink

633 Indigo

909 Myrobalan

Total length :

100 x 100 cm

Weight :

130 g


Square shaped silk scarf.
Handmade silk scarf produced with Artisans from the Assam region in India. They delicately raise the silkworm that only lives in that region and wait even after it emerges from the cocoon. After it emerges, they create the thread by hand from the cocoon. It is an exquisite hand woven piece. It gives a unique matte texture like an antique linen. All natural dyeing done locally; natural ivory, bright pink from the lac insect, deep indigo, and black from the Myrobalan seeds.


Our girl models are 171cm.
They wear all Size M.