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Cautions (Read before making a purchase.)                            

“La Bouquinistes” is crafted from remade, vintage books.

It is difficult to accurately prove the manufacturing date/location of vintage goods on account of their nature, so the age and country of origin indicated on this site are estimates. Please refer to them as a reference. Also, the value of the product is assumed to be its value as a tool, and does not take into account the artistic or antique value.


Please be aware that as vintage books are used as materials, there may be shortcomings, such as susceptibility to moisture and heat damage, and distinct warping  of old books, which is susceptible to moisture and heat damage.

Each individual item is created by hand one at a time, so the shape and condition of individual units may differ for the same product. Images are shown for each individual product, so please confirm them separately.


Please be advised that the product color and quality as seen on the screen may be slightly different than the actual product color, due to the monitor, OS, or browser version.


Some of the products use materials over 100 years old, so there may be rust, small nicks, stains or incomplete parts. It is difficult to comprehensively show all minor issues and age degradation with images. Please be advised and acknowledge the characteristics of vintage materials.


These vintage materials have been in use for many years at a location with a different climate and environment. They are still fine for everyday use, but are completely different than modern factory-made goods. They have nicks, stains and warps, and they cannot be compared to current materials in any regard.


Please be advised that returns based on reasons connected to the characteristics of this vintage product described above will not be accepted.


Cautions Upon Use

-May be damaged by fire or heat. Do not place near heaters, stoves, or other heat sources.

-Discoloration or fading may occur if placed in direct sunlight for a long time. Please avoid placing in direct sunlight.

-Be cautious regarding humidity and water leaks, which may cause warping, breaks, or colors running onto clothing.

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