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Item :
Type :
Women’s woven
Material :
Silk organza | Organic cotton
Composition :
100% Silk | 100% Cotton
Country of origin :
Made in France
Size :
XS / S / M / L / XL
198 Black & Black
Dual-layer bomber jacket.
Felix–Ross is a central piece in the collection encapsulating the elements of duality, transparency and impermanence, which Felix González-Torres so often worked with.

Felix-Ross is an emblematic piece of the collection encapsulating core elements from Felix González-Torres’ work: Duality, transparency, and impermanence.

The hem and the cuffs are continuous from the sleeve and body and finished with a hidden elastic.

It has a button closure in the front with fabric-covered buttons.
Angled single welt pockets.

Light cotton base layer superimposed with silk organza, creating a hazy aura around the jacket.
Lined with soft, lightweight cotton.
Our female models are 172cm and 178 cm.
They all wear Size M."
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