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The edge of a gloomy swamp,
consoled by the stars on the water,
I try to bring them closer,
my hand swimming in vain.

Slipping and falling in the mud,
I search, yet to no avail,
I continue hunting, but fail,
what is it that I still desire?

If there were a breeze in my heart,
it would carry me along,
but without even a breath of air,
I am marooned with nowhere to go.

’Tis through the two color fields
that I gaze into a fathomless abyss,
and find in my helpless arms,
a bouquet that has already faded.

Born into a world of sin and sorrow,
how quickly time passes away;
see the brush on this somber surface,
drifting back and forth with my soul.

When I reach the end of this darkness,
I shall greet a star in the dawn,
a faint but ceaseless glow
that can finally light my way.

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