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Did you see her? 
The girl - that sensation from London.
She was a surprise last night.
At the Café de la Rotonde, where friends gather night after night. 
Red wine and amber cognac, purple curtains stained with cigarette smoke. 
A good laugh bursts forth, like the waves crashing on the beach. 
As the accordionist played a balungan, she stood up, like the Statue of Liberty leading the crowd.
And you know what she did? 
She kicked off her chair, jumped on the table, and started dancing, stripping her clothes off, piece by piece.

She took off her soft jersey jacket, tossed her silk blouse aside, then pulled her pleated skirt down.
One by one, she slid her stockings off and danced unclothed as the day she was born. 
She looked radiant! 
Everyone who was there, men and women, gathered around her, snapped their fingers and clapped their hands, cheering her on. 
Look how liberating she looks. 
Who else can imitate her like that?
Stripping off everything that ties you down and living. 
Do you have the courage to do just that?

Freedom is just an illusion. 
It is a figment of imagination created by incomplete human beings.
So I thought and I was about to give up.
- Until I met her.
“What brought you to Paris?”
To this question, she shook her short-cropped hair and laughed cheerfully. 
Then she answered, “Of course, to be free.”

"Beauty cannot be recognized with a cursory glance," said Cocteau.
- But that girl is an exception.
"You are not alive unless you know you are living," said Modigliani. 
- That is exactly what she is doing.
"The reason why a bullet flies so far is because it has a fixed direction," said Diaghilev.  
- She is a bullet that flies straight in the direction she wishes to go.
As Picasso once said, "She is the Queen of Bohemia." 
- Yes, she is and is a Laughing Torso. 
The people who gather in Montparnasse can agree with this fact. 
No one can stop her, and no one can stop opening the door to a new era of freedom.

She taught me that the most treasured thing in this world is to meet the person you would love to meet, when you want to, and where you want to.
To wear your favorite clothing in your favorite style. 
To sing your favorite songs and dance to your favorite rhythms.
To say you like what you like and say you don’t like what you don’t.

She made a vow to the city of Paris.
No matter how unsettling the world may be, she will never let this one thing be taken away from her. The most important thing in the whole wide world.
- Her wings, in the name of freedom.


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